Will Skunks Fight Each Other

A healthy skunk is passive and will not show any signs of aggression. While they are considered as nuisance creatures, there are people who will keep them as their pets. However, since they are wild creatures and are armed with sharp claws and spray, this may not be the recommended option. Usually, the skunks will choose to flee rather than to confront the attacker. This means that they will not commonly attack animals and humans.

Will They Fight Against Other Skunks?
You are perhaps wondering if they will fight against other skunks and under what circumstances. Skunks are equipped with sharp claws that they can use to defend themselves. They are also known to be excellent fighters. They are equipped with spray that will discourage the attack of their enemies. They are armed with teeth and they are also agile. They will be using it these when fighting with other skunks.

Fight of Male Skunks
It is highly likely for the male skunks to fight each other especially when showing their dominance. You will normally see them fight during the mating season. They will have to compete with their fellow skunk to win the approval of the female creature. This is a usual behavior among the wild animals. Skunks can also attack each other if they ended up in the territory of other skunks. They will be aggressive and strong when fighting with the fellow skunk.

Fighting is also necessary when there is a scarcity of food. Male skunks can fight each other when competing for the food. When a skunk successfully hunts their prey, other skunks can try to steal their prey. Preserving the den and territory of the skunk is also essential. In case their den has been invaded by the other skunk, fight will likely ensue.

Skunks Are Solitary Creatures
Skunks are solitary and territorial creatures which is the reason behind most of their fights. There are only a few situations when the skunks will choose to interact with each other. While they are not social creatures, this does not instantly mean that they are vulnerable. They have different ways to defend themselves against the attack of the other skunks.

However, you will be surprised that they will not use their spray when fighting each other. This is quite an interesting behavior since they will freely use this when defending against other animals. Perhaps this is genetic since they are aware that they can both use the noxious fluid and will be immune against it. Because it will take time to replenish the musk of the skunk, they will only use this as their last resort. They will also be making some warning signs that will give you time to back off.

When you notice two skunks fighting each other, it is advisable to stay away from them. Else, these animals will be attacking you in return. Use a blanket as a shield against their spray. Throw the blanket directly at the animal and scoop them before placing them inside the cage.

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