Types of Snap Traps

There are different types of traps that can be availed in the market. You need to look for a trap that will end the rodent infestation. All these traps are designed to capture the animal but there should be difference in terms of their comfort level and the cost. Perhaps one of the more preferred choices would be the snap trap. If you are looking for the best snap traps in the market, you may need to consider the pros and the cons of the device.

Different Types of Snap Traps
In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different snap traps. Hopefully, you will be able to find the kind of trap that will suit your situation and help you achieve your goal. Here are some of the pros and cons of some of the most popular type of snap trap.

Plastic Snap Trap
Most of you are probably aware about the wooden snap trap. They may be inexpensive but setting them up can be a trouble; therefore, some homeowners will choose to discard them. When you hire the service of the rodent removal companies, you will realize that they have an improved version of the traditional snap trap. It is made from a reusable and durable plastic. It comes with a tiny trigger plate where you can place the bait. Simply pull the lever to a 90-degree and if the rodent interacted with the trigger plate, the trap will immediately activate that will capture the animal. Since the lever is placed in a 90-degree angle as opposed to the usual 180-degree, the lever will close at a faster rate. It will also not cause injury like the traditional wooden snap

Will immediately kill the creature
You don’t have to touch the carcass of the rodent
Can be used conveniently

You will have to deal with a dead mouse

Enclosed Snap Trap
This is an effective and safe method to capture the rodent especially if you have pets and kids in your house. The secret in using this trap is to place the bait appropriately. Compared to the other types of snap traps, the trigger plate may not be that sensitive. If you have a vole or mice infestation, there are instances when the lever will not be activated. You may need to use a mixture of solid food and bait paste to encourage the animal to step on the trigger plate longer.

You do not have to touch the dead rodent.
It keeps the non-targeted animals safe

Non-reusable. You will have to dispose the trap together with the dead body.
This may be impractical if you have a recurring infestation.

Depending on your goal, there are snap traps that are intended for you. However, if your goal is to capture and remove the animals, you should look for a catch-and-release type of trap. It is a solution that doesn’t involve mess and will also give you a long-term solution.

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