Things That Scare Raccoons Away

The raccoons are perhaps one of the most persistent nuisance suburban pests. It is clever, agile, and it boasts a range of skills that helps them survive in the urban jungle. They can easily break into our trashcans and house. Their bold attitude will make you wonder if there is something that can scare this creature away. Knowing the things that they are afraid of can help you minimize the unwanted visits from this creature.

List of Things that Can Scare the Raccoons Away
Looking for the best way to get rid of these pesky creatures will not be as easy as you think. Some of the approaches are considered illegal and inhumane. However, if your aim is to simply scare them, you will realize that there are lots of things that they are afraid of.

Human Presence
The raccoons will consider human as a huge predator. Therefore, they will stay away from any signs of human presence. When invading our house, they will look a the obscure and hard-to-reach places to stay away from us. The sound of human conversation can help you drive them away. For instance, you can use a radio and tune it into the talk station. The sound does not have to be loud. It should only be enough for the conversation to be audible. Unfortunately, for those who have large properties, this may not be an ideal solution for you since you will have to set-up multiple radio.

Apart from using a radio to give them the impression that there are people talking, you can also spread human hair close to their den. The disadvantage on using this method is that the raccoon will tend to be accustomed to it. Since their den offers them security and comfort, they would rather risk it rather than to expose themselves to the danger on the wilds.

Dogs are very territorial creatures and they will be aggressive to any creatures that will invade their territory. Those who have a dog will notice that the raccoon activities will dramatically reduce. Nonetheless, do not expect that your house will be completely raccoon-proof if you have a dog in the house. When the dog chased the raccoon, usually, it will rather escape than to confront our dog. However, when the raccoon has been cornered, it will not think twice to defend itself. Due to their sharp claws and teeth, expect that the raccoon can cause serious injury to your dog.

Not a lot of repellent will work against the raccoon. Perhaps the only effective repellent would be the eviction fluid. You can only use this during the nesting season of the raccoon. This product will usually contain the urine of the dominant male raccoon. Since the mother is extremely protective of her babies, she will relocate her babies if she noticed a presence of male raccoon. If it is not nesting season, the only true repellent would be repairing the damaged parts of your house.

These methods will appear to be efficient in scaring the raccoons away. However, these creatures are clever and will eventually figure out that these scare tactics will pose them no harm. If you want a more permanent solution, talk to a professional wildlife remover today.

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